Market Research, Data and Intelligence for the Global Construction and Building Products Industry
Our market reports and online databases provide a cost-effective tool for strategic decision making, allowing our clients to monitor market metrics, trends and forecasts at a country, regional or global level. Our custom market research and advisory solutions assist our clients in evaluating their current market offerings and assessing new commercial opportunities through evidence-based insight.
Enterprise Database

BRG‘s Enterprise Database provides a dedicated online platform of in-depth market information, extensive data coverage and detailed reports, covering key product sectors globally.

Custom Services

BRG is well placed to provide custom solutions which focus on enhancing our clients' understanding of target markets via accurate, evidence-based information and insights.


Our market research and data analysis teams are proficient in a range of secondary and primary data gathering techniques and possess the analytical, functional and industry-specific expertise necessary to translate evidence into detailed market monitoring and actionable insight for our clients.

Global Reach

Our multi-national team of analysts and experts cover over 100 countries from our 4 global offices, serving our worldwide client base.


We are a global market intelligence provider with a knowledgeable team delivering deep market insights.